New Book

Maritime Magistery

by Lucy Daniels

At 82 years old, writer and psychologist Dr. Lucy Daniels has published another book. Maritime Magistery is a collection of linked stories, which take place on North Carolina’s coast, and reveal how the environment can impact both one’s spirit and the workings of the subconscious.

Here’s what others are saying about this book:

Lucy Daniels is a consummate storyteller. Each story in this collection carries the reader to places so vividly described, it’s hard to believe that you have not really been at the beach, or walked through the remarkable Maritime forest of live oak and Gingko trees. By drawing vivid characters motivated by their hopes and fears, Daniels invites readers to better understand the dynamics of their own family relations, loves, and losses.

–Laurie Wilson, faculty member, Psychoanalytic Institute, New York University School of Medicine; author of Alberto Giacometti: Myth, Magic and the Man (2003) and Louise Nevelson: Art is Life (2016)

Lucy Daniels’ stories have the emotional intensity and psychological sophistication of a mature writer at the peak of her storytelling powers. This fine collection is gripping, funny, sad and poignant, a living testament to one of Daniels’ core beliefs, that we can turn our problems into the roots of our power, and I would add, into works of literary beauty.

–Kerry J. Sulkowicz, MD, Founder and Managing Principal, Boswell Group LLC; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine

Lucy Daniels intertwines the magic of the North Carolina coast – the mysterious forest, the moody beaches, the warm salty wind, the changing skies – with a troupe of players engaged in the small dramas that make up real life. Her characters illuminate the grip of our past, the pull of our feelings, and the resilience of our spirits. Lucy’s writing elicits my empathy beyond the page and reminds us of the power and brilliance of Mother Nature’s cycle of life.

–Elisabeth Haviland James, filmmaker

An enchanting blend of personal memories, depth psychology, and old-fashioned Southern storytelling, Lucy Daniels’ collection of maritime tales is a remarkable gift to all those who know, enjoy, and celebrate creative transformations of psychic trauma and subjective anguish!

–Salman Akhtar, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Jefferson Medical College; Training and Supervising Analyst, Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia