Dreaming Your Way to Creative Freedom: A Two-Mirror Liberation Process

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Dreaming Your Way to Creative Freedom: A Two-Mirror Liberation Process

This book is the result of my own successful struggle to overcome a decades-long writer’s block. It is also an in-depth analysis of both what artists do all the time—use their mistakes—and what teachers and psychotherapists repeatedly advise—“learn from your mistakes.” What distinguishes my approach is where I look for errors and how I put these discoveries to use.

By simultaneously attending to problems in my writing and to the content and evolution of my dreams, I came to see how my unconscious required the very shortcomings in my work that I was laboring to correct. Further study also enabled me to learn about my personal unconscious symbolism, knowledge which made my dreams even more intelligible and helpful. I now call this my two-mirror liberation process, and in the pages ahead I will show you how to employ it for yourself.

Though the material in this book is predominantly my own, experience in conducting seminars with a mix of creative people, including artists, writers, musicians, opera singers, dancers and choreographers, has led me to see this reflective process as having universal potential. In my own life, as in the lives of some clients seen in my clinical psychology practice, this approach has helped resolve life problems as well as creativity problems. While each inner journey provides its own unique adventure highlighted by an individual’s personal unconscious symbolism, the route for each traveler is essentially the same. I offer this book as a map for you to carry on your own freedom-seeking journey.

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